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 Judging and Clinics 

Clinics are Kevin's prefered means of teaching .The "Clean Slate"  group energy and  his battery of  tried and  true  exercises  along with  45  years of teaching  and  coaching  experience and wisdom and  along with healthy sense  of humor seems to be  a formula that works . His comments are insightful, providing  a deep  unstanding of new informations and techniques  that are both  transferable and most importrantly repeatable . You'll learn a ton, and  have great fun doing so. 
Call for pricing, recommendations, and scheduling.

    Contact Kevin McGinn
    Kevin McGinn
    Horse Training, Lessons, Judging, Clinics, and Sales

    Los Angeles Equestrian Center • Ever Wood Stables •  480 Riverside Drive • Burbank, CA 91506

    Phone: (818) 512-4550

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