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 Kevin McGinn's Equestrian Blog 
Kevin McGinn rides, trains, judges, and conducts clinics nationwide and locally in the Los Angeles area. He specializes in preparing both horses and riders for the jumper ring. As a widely published equestrian writer, Kevin provides insights on equestrian related topics in his blog and elsewhere.
Tuesday, February 18 2014
Part 1: Tips for Young Equestrians - Kevin McGinn

I recently interviewed Kevin McGinn, a trainer at Ever Wood Stables, part of the Los Angeles Equestrian Center. When asked what advice he had to give to young equestrians, click here to read what he said.

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Tuesday, August 23 2011

Benchmark Program founder Linda Allen at the El Sueno Equestrian Center in Somis.El Sueño Equestrian Center in Somis hosts the second of three 2011 Benchmark Rallies on Sunday, Sept. 4, 2011. The events are part of a program developed by renowned international show jumping course designer Linda Allen.

Allen (shown left at the El Sueno Equestrian Center in Somis) developed the Benchmark Program in response to what she sees as a need for an affordable system of putting miles on young horses that would be comparable to what is offered in Europe.

Lisa Westin, Kevin McGuinn and Samie VallaAccording to trainer Kevin McGinn, who, along with Westin and El Sueño events manager Samie Valla (pictured at right), has worked closely with Allen in developing the program, the main constituents are “dealers, breeders and those with young horses, in addition to people who want to get in one more big practice before a show.”

The third Benchmark Rally at El Sueño will be held on Dec. 4, 2011.

For more information on both events, contact Lisa Westin, 818-426-8668, or visit

This article is excerpted (with permission) from the full article that appeared August 17, 2011 in The Equestrian News.

» Click here to read the full article. (Photo credits: Paula Parisi)



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Tuesday, July 12 2011

Saturday July 9th saw the marine layer lift over Huntington Beach Equestrian Center to reveal the latest incarnation of Linda Allen's concept franchised by Ms. Julie Golden and fully realized with the assistance of one of Southern California's busiest course designers, Scott Starnes. The 1.30M track met every one of Linda's priorities by being a legitimate AA Quality course while remaining inviting to the greenish horse or rider. The advantage in the simplicity of this H.S. model is so obvious one wonders why it hasn't been done before.

The idea of dealing with only one ring and course in descending heights allows both riders and trainers to breathe and not just walk, ride, and run to the next arena.
Every detail was secured by Julie Golden, including jumps leased from Blenhein Equisports, a carded jumper judge, a first aid tent, and a local charity that provided snacks and beverages.

The fiercest competition of the day happened in the closing hours with large ponies battling it out over .75 and .70 M. And that is the idea: To make this sport an inclusive one that has a hand reaching "up" while the other is reaching "down" to guide the ones that follow.

For more information on the remaining Benchmark Rallys on the calender at both Huntington Beach Equestrian Center or el Sueno, go to The Benchmark Program website at

If you would like to host a Benchmark Rally of your own, please see the The Benchmark Program Forms page for more details.

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Friday, June 17 2011

By Paula Parisi June 6, 2011
Pegasus Equestrian Center has scheduled its third Hunter/Jumper show. Taking place June 25, this one will feature a Thoroughbred division. Proprietress Erin Rorabaugh promises “a fun-filled day of great classes and great prizes!”

Main hunter ring at Pegasus Equestrian Center (Photo by Paula Parisi)
Main hunter ring at Pegasus Equestrian Center (Photo by Paula Parisi)

Rorabaugh said she conceived the series after hearing from many local riders that there was a need for one-day shows that would provide green riders, as well as busy adult amateurs, the opportunity to compete, hone their skills and enjoy an afternoon with their horses without the huge investment in time and money that the major shows entail.

Trainer Kevin McGinn applauds the fact that the show will feature a Thoroughbred Hunter division. “In the old days, they used to have special ‘non-Thoroughbred’ hunter classes. Now it’s reversed: most of the horses showing are Warmbloods, and the judges’ have become conditioned to the way they move. But the Thoroughbred is a wonderful breed. They cover the ground so beautifully.”

The Pegasus shows welcome all breeds, and the earlier shows had a substantial pony contingent. “Erin’s event is a great introduction to showing,” said McGinn, who is based at Pegasus. Even those who aren’t competing would be well-entertained spending a day under Pegasus’ majestic oak trees, checking out the beautiful facility, located in Thousand Oaks.

2972 Triunfo Canyon Road, Agoura, CA 91301 ~ Phone: 818-597-9727

For more information, visit

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Tuesday, May 24 2011

Equine Herpes Virus (E.H.V.)
As many of you are aware, there was an outbreak of Equine Herpes Virus the week of April 3-May 8 in Ogden Utah at a cutting horse event. Subsequently two horses then shipped to Bakersfield where they fell ill. Symptoms of this disorder include:

  • Fever of 102 and above
  • Nasal discharge
  • Weakness or uncoordinated hind limbs
  • Lethargy

E.H.V can progress to:

  • Severe respiratory distress
  • Abortion in broodmares
  • Neurological symptoms (down horse)
  • Death


  • Clearly, keeping your horses on your own property is optimal.
  • Close all trails shared by other riders.
  • Avoid horse gatherings such as shows/gymkhanas, commercial, or shared trailers.
  • If your horse appears sick, call a field vet. Local hospitals are not equipped to deal with this. Any suspected cases will be referred to U.C. Davis for isolation.

Go to AAEP.ORG for the latest updates on the progress of the virus and FAQS.

Good Luck !!


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Tuesday, April 12 2011

Next Tuesday April 19 at 6 pm I will return to one of the main online gathering places for the equine community on FaceBook. That's Judge my Ride, of course, but I'm coming back with a "twist." I will be joined in studio by the wizards of Equine Myofasial Release (see my Links page).

Jan Tracy and Tamara Rapier are going to explain this emerging (yet ancient) holistic approach to treating the "entire horse" rather than depending on "take 2 whatevers... and try him again in the morning"!!! Long-term use of NSAIDS not only are a temporary "fix," they also can mask those mystery lameness and stiffness that prevent your horses from being all they can be "naturally"

I'm telling you, these girls know their stuff and we'll begin with an explanation of the process, followed by an OPEN LINE where you can ask about those often undiagnosed "quirks," from dropped hips to bad teeth that can manifest in all kinds of ways guaranteed to ruin your horse's day. So sign on Judge my Ride on Tuesday April 19 9pm East Coast Time, 6pm West Coast, and have a question ready.

These gals travel from Wellington to Thermal to Europe, with stops in between. They "do" people too, so with luck you just might see them coming to a town near you!!!


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Thursday, March 24 2011
 Just wondering... How do social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Judge My ride,, and expand and enhance your riding interests??? Click the Comments link and let me know!
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Wednesday, March 16 2011

Linda Allen and The Benchmark Program
(reprinted from: The Bay Area Equestrian Network) 

By Kevin McGinn

Linda AllenFrom the early 1960's through the mid 1980's, the U.S. was a dominant force in the world of Show Jumping. Represented by a dynasty of equestrian elite including Frank Chapot, William Steinkraus, Mary Mairs Chapot, Conrad Homfeld, and Joe Fargis, our team won at every major venue in the world. What is often forgotten is that these riders accomplished this feat on horses bred and trained right here in America!

Then, in the late 1980's that all changed; Americans became perhaps the largest importers of European horses in the world. We bought not only bloodlines but also the thoughtful and meticulous early training and ring experience that allowed buyers to take horses straight to the show ring; much of what we pay for when we purchase European horses comes from the good mileage that they receive as 4, 5, and 6-year-olds.

Today, we have a new set of circumstances impacting our sport. Not only have American breeders brought the very best bloodlines to our own shores, but the new economy makes the model of purchasing top class experienced horses out of reach of the vast majority of enthusiasts. The absolute necessity of show ring mileage in the development of saleable horses, together with the growing cost of obtaining that mileage has become a dilemma for American owners and trainers. Developing our own horses, therefore, is a bit of a lost art. The biggest handicap in bringing young horses along is the lack of opportunity to get the youngsters an appropriate, cost effective, introduction to the showing world.

Linda AllenLinda Allen, famed course designer of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games,the 1992 World Cup Final (Del Mar), Super Leagues in both Dublin and Rotterdam, three time Nations Cup rider, and judge for many National Medals, has brought numerous horses from "local" shows to International acclaim. The Benchmark Program, a concept developed by Linda Allen, is designed to address this lack of opportunity for appropriate and affordable mileage for young horses as well as for less experienced riders. Linda's plan is for one-day rallies* that emphasize the development of a solid foundation, rather than on winning ribbons.

The Benchmark Program is carefully designed to meet the needs of trainers of young horses, as well as riders who need mileage in the arena. Each one-day rally will feature a course comparable to that at a rated show. These courses will be "horse-friendly" to encourage schooling for young horses. Riders will have the opportunity to ride multiple rounds at whatever height they choose, giving them the opportunity both to ascertain their horses' current level of training as well as to ensure that every horse has gotten a full measure of good 'mileage' during the day's outing. The Benchmark Program will also offer a permanent performance record for each horse, consisting of scored first rounds at each height. These rounds will accumulate points toward Benchmark Bronze, Silver, and Gold achievement levels, creating increased visibility for young horses and giving trainers and owners an opportunity to showcase horses in a cost-effective way. Additionally, The Benchmark Program offers Junior and Amateur a way to accumulate show-ring mileage and reach individual performance goals.

Linda AllenThe Benchmark Program offers an extremely cost-effective alternative to Rated shows. Yearly membership for The Benchmark Program costs $50, whereas membership fees for rated shows can run in excess of $175. Riders will be charged $35 for the first round, and only $25 for all additional rounds. Non-member fees at rallies are only $5 per class; at rated shows, non-members are charged an average of $70 per show. There are no late fees ($35 at rated shows) or nomination fees ($50 at rated shows) for The Benchmark Program rallies.

Today's horse shows are, rightly, geared to the competitive level of horse and rider; The Benchmark Program seeks to provide an opportunity similar to those found in European countries to put the foundation on horses and riders at a cost more equivalent to theirs. Good mileage, reasonable cost, better marketing, individual goals, in an inclusive atmosphere - these are the goals of The Benchmark Program.

*Upcoming Rally Dates: 1/9/11, 4/3/11, 9/4/11, 12/4 /11 All will take place at El Sueno Equestrian Center in Somis, CA. See more information at, or contact Kevin McGinn.

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Thursday, March 10 2011

A Day at the Kick-Off Benchmark Rally

"BENCHMARK" — A standard against which others can be measured

"Rally" — "bring into "order" again / a renewal of strength / a call to come together/ revive


California delivered its best as the sun rose over Somis, CA, known as the most temperate climate in the United States. Linda Allen was already putting on the finishing touches for the first horse of the day, a 6 year old Argentine horse ridden by California based trainer Laura Santana. She had mentioned to me earlier that week that although 6, her horse was quite green to step into the YJA ring at Thermal and the pressure to keep up with more experienced jumpers would be to her horse's detriment. Laura realized that what she really needed was a "real" yet inviting track where she could "practice" in show ring environment, and who better to provide that venue than Linda Allen? Aside from her Olympic credential from '96 Atlanta, Linda is constantly advising, consulting, judging and clinicing.

Her broad perspective was dead on when she combined both a practical and an "esthetic shift," offering a setting where professionals /amateurs and developing horses alike could compete over the same track with descending heights throughout the day so that you could Jump - Assess - Repeat. Opposite the "convention" of Big, Bigger, Biggest by day's end, this system offers a logical reprieve from that formulaic approach.

First, you can be scored in the data base on your first round (after all, how accurate is a jumper score if the horse has addressed the same jumps 3 times prior til they get it "right").

Secondly, if you want a "RE-DO," it's about 1/2 the price of the already reasonable first round ($35 dollars /then $25 for each subsequent round). But more importantly. if you had hit a rough spot, you can go jump it. Again, but lower so the green horse /rider leaves with MORE confidence NOT LESS.

How may times have you had a tough time in the AA jumper class and your choices are limited to (A) waiting for tomorrow or (B) jumping a bigger track? Neither of these make sense to anyone who has just felt a bit "over faced."

Linda wasn't there to CLINIC per se, but her generosity and real desire to make sure everyone learned and had fun had her dispensing tips that made all the difference!!!! This is a GREAT IDEA that was beautifully executed.

Real jumps, perfect footing, efficient ring crew, and a USEF official. It was a perfect beginning to what we hope will be a groundswell of interest and a return to the business of training horses and riders to compete on their own merits and efforts. Like so many things that have become out of reach for the shrinking middle class, good horsemanship and riding (particularly competitive riding) have become increasingly elusive.

Almost 20 years ago, George Morris predicted in The Chronicle of the Horse column "Between Rounds," that the American love affair with buying "made" horses from Europe would come to an abrupt halt at the first sign of any financial distress here in the USA. That event surely did come to fruition in 2008 and the horse business has, as a result, made a huge adjustment. Gone for many are the easy shopping sprees through Germany and Holland to pick up the new "winner," oftentimes without the background to sustain the import's "winning ways"!!

Change can sometimes be challenging, but then isn't that the nature of sport???

Linda is correct and her timing is perfect. The Benchmark Program isn't a horse show, nor is it a "clinic": it's a hybrid venue where the word "elite" refers to an "aspiration" to strive for, NOT merely "EXPENSIVE."

Linda has drawn heavily from the one-day local European one-ring concept of a gathering of horsemen; thus the term "rally" is applied. With one "rally" under our belts, strong support from you, Bernie, countless online publications, and our friends at Show Jumping Unplugged -TV, I feel confident that this program, found online at, will re-open the sport (by remaining affordable) to many equestrians who increasingly have been out priced from the sport they love.

They say for every dark cloud there's a silver lining. For me the "silver lining" comes in the form of a "Back to Basics" concept of exactly what "horsemanship" is: it's certainly more than collecting ribbons that get left behind when the horse trailers go off to the next show ground.

I'd close by saying that at our "debut rally" — with very nice trainers /amateurs and horses in attendance and only one ring to be accountable for — we actually stayed and watched each other "GO" rather than jumping on the nearest golf cart to quickly get on the "next one." — Finally a breath of fresh air!!!

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Tuesday, April 20 2010

Kevin McGinn Stables - Horse Sales and Training - Los Angeles CA, Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I recently had the honor to be tapped to host JMR's page, Thursday night Trival Pursuit presently being presented on Facebook by Jennifer Parsons and Noelle King with "R" rated judges Carol Dean Porter and Rob Gage.

This is a just-for-fun evening that goes out on Judge My Ride's Facebook page at 9pm Eastern time (6pm Pacific time). It's a great way to reminisce about equestrian heroes and equine stars of yesterday, and to teach the kids about equine theory.

It's a fast-moving stream of questions of the historic events of all disciplines; dressage, foxhunting, show jumping, polo and racing.

So join me or even better send me your most coveted questions to my private page on Facebook or visit the contact page of my website.

See Ya Thurs !!!!!! Be There / be Square !!!!!!!!!!

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